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In today’s cutthroat world of DJing, it can be tough to break out, and stand out, above all others. That’s where Le STRATAPULT comes in to play. This new addition to The Spirit of the Circuit allows YOU, the web-based community, to choose your favorites.

But, there’s a twist! The DJs featured in Le STRATAPULT all come from interior states; countries; regions; cities, and non-cosmopolitan areas. ALL DJs are welcome to submit their material, but The Spirit of the Circuit™ website will use their discretion, to put a DJ forward for voting, based on need. This need will be determined by a number of things, including: Work History; Musical Style; Bio, and Region. Fair enough? We want to do our part to give a lift to other talented DJs who deserve a fair shot at the table. Who knows? We may just catapult them in to the stratosphere. Let’s PLAY!