Handcrafted Spinning Flags by Chris Ofner


Handcrafted Spinning Flags by Chris Ofner

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Chris Ofner is the designer of these beautifully handcrafted, and hand-dyed spinning flags, which are currently available for purchase.

Chris was born in Merced California, 1952. With his father working for military intelligence and a mother farming him out to baby-sitters he quickly bonded with nature, colors, and shapes more than people. He feels nature has inspired many of his color combinations and has always admired people that create quality items. He worked with tie-dye as a teenager with shirts and scarves; dabbled in day-glow painting and had a black light growing up. Worked silver smithing, origami and kiri-gami and attended art school. Attending the NY Flagger Symposium in 2005 let him to take a tie-dye class led by Xavier Caylor where he made a set of black light reactive flags. He was instantly hooked. David Gobsin, George Jagatic, and Mykel became his teachers. In 2009 Phillip Bryan showed him the “speed spiral” fold as part of the Texas Flagger Weekend – this had a huge impact on Chris, now hooked on spirals and the impact they create when spun, he analyzed the fold and found ways to increase and duplicate its impact and design; soon after he started creating custom orders for friends. Chris is “sincerely grateful for all his flagger friends and family for opening a new door to his existence and life experience.”

We are honored to be working with Chris, to bring this precious gift to you.

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