Trever Pearson


Afternoon Delight

Trever Pearson is a San Francisco based DJ with a music history dating back to his first sax at age 10. It was in his discovery of deep house however, where his relationship to music began to shape his relationship with creativity and self expression. With electronic roots at Burning Man and a deep love for the West Coast, Trever weaves together a laid-back blend of deep & tech house beats with indie sounds and deep baselines, sexy grooves and a rhythmic swagger. From the beachside hammock to the dance floor to afterhours, his style and voice sing the tune of an urban coastal landscape rich with highs, lows, depth, and the urge to relax into a perpetual state of inner vacation. Music is a healer… and to be a vessel for this purpose is the goal. To allow the sound of gratitude to dance with the beat of one’s heart is at the core of Trever’s musical aesthetic… and is the message his art most wishes to communicate.

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