The Spirit of the Circuit Stands in Solidarity with the Families and Victims of Pulse Orlando, and the Entire LGBTQ Community


It’s been a heart-wrenching week since the tragedy at Pulse nightclub, in Orlando, took the lives of 49 brothers and sisters of the LGBTQ community. Many of us are still trying to wrap our heads around the situation, and many of us are still in shock. Our discomfort must surely pale in comparison to the pain and loss, the immediate loved ones must be feeling at this time. I have been struggling with finding a voice, and to find a way to honor, and to pay tribute to those lives that were cut short, too soon, and to find a way to provide comfort to the survivors. For now, I have decided that all any of us can do is to be visible, and to show support. However, if you are able, and would like to offer monetary support, please see the attached GoFundMe link for the official fundraising page.

As Gay Pride season is upon us, I think it is important to walk without fear. Be visible. Find comfort in knowing that we truly are a big family. That is evident in the tears we have shed together over this tragedy. While we can never truly know the pain the immediate families must be experiencing at this time, I would like for them to know that we share in their grief. In remembrance, and a celebration of their lives, we stand in solidarity with the victims; their families, and the entire LGBTQ community.

Somo familia.

-Lance Gayhart, Principal
The Spirit of the Circuit