Michael Duretto- down.tem.po

If Mike’s podcast doesn’t work, try this iPhone-friendly link.

In the tradition of morning music, this podcast begins with several beautiful ballads, woven together, and gradually building to a BPM of 118. The name of the podcast is simply: down.tem.po

One of the most unique and creative tracks on this podcast is Shirley Bassey’s “If You Go Away” from her 1967 studio album remixed by Rebeat. I think it’s brilliant. I’ve also included a couple of classics which you may know and recognize.

Included are:

Kissing – Bliss
Satellite – BT
You There – Aquilo
Sweet Goodbye – Krono
Come Alive – Orchestra JB
Two Bodies – Flight Facilitite
If You Go Away – Rebeat
California Dreamin’ -Freischwimmer
Tonight – Thomas Ackerman
Take Me Away – Corey Gibbons
Another Time – Flow
The Love In Your Eyes – Dan Hartman
Almost Home – Moby
Youll Never See Me Cry – Ephemerals

This podcast is perfect for putting on a pair of headphones and relaxing. Enjoy.

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