J Warren- The Circuit Revolution: Volume 17

2016 has been absolutely insane. For those of us who survived, we must pick up the pieces; move forward, and forge a new path. As the Circuit evolves in the ebb and flow of life, we evolve with it. More on that later! 😉

In the meantime, join us in a celebration of the upcoming new year and a farewell to the old, with the introduction of a new face to The Spirit of the Circuit family, J Warren!

J Warren brings high energy and creativity to both the dance floor and his productions. He has DJed many popular events across the country and abroad, such as SIN in Toronto, Overdrive at San Diego Pride, FuKr DC & NY, Dallas Purple Party, Gay Days in Orlando, Splash/SXSW in Austin, Climax Sundays in Denver and HNO New Orleans.
This rising star is known for bringing his unique circuit big room sound to the main room and for his sexy tribal and tech sounds to the dark rooms or afterhours. Things are heating up for this young talent with some big opportunities in his near future.

J Warren has also had successes with his music production projects. He has had tracks released on various labels including Next Step Records, Pump Records and Citrusonic Stereophonic. Under these labels, he has done official remixes for names such as Luciana, Glovibes and Dirty Pop. J Warren has also released a single “It’s too Late” with Tristan Jaxx featuring the voice talent of Janellie. This single included a package that contained remixes from names such as Oscar Velazquez and Andre Grossi. Looking forward, J Warren has many new remixes, originals and collaborations in the works for late 2016 and 2017. The sky is the limit for this young dj and producer.

Brian Norwood returns with Sophisticated Deep #8

“I have always loved music that has intense emotion to it, whether there are any words or not. That’s where my DEEP mix series comes in. This is music that is largely instrumental and at the same time is bursting with beauty and emotion. This is #8 of the DEEP mix series and I will say that far and away it is my favorite of the series so far. There are pieces of music on this set that literally leave me at a loss for words. The energy is intense, sexy, hypnotic and deeply anthemic. Also, if you know me then you’ll know that I consider the mixing aspect of DJing to be incredibly important. My intent when mixing records together is to create multiple layers of energy on top of the record that is playing so that the end result is a spine tingling, emotionally thunderous and religious experience. I am particularly happy with this music set because of how I was able to weave and mix the records together seamlessly. These records were made for each other and I hope you’ll agree with me. Once you let this music take you it will grab you, enrapture you, and it won’t let go. From my heart…to your ears.”
-Brian Norwood

San Francisco’s own DJ MC2 is back!!

DJ MC2 was born with a tone-arm and a love for dance music, and started DJ’ing at a very early age in the clubs and bars of Hawaii. Upon moving to San Francisco, DJ MC2 has established himself as a major player in the club scene, playing to packed dance floors throughout SF, as well as captivating large crowds with his dj sets at PRIDE 2015: Pink Party in The Castro, PRIDE 2015 Main Stage Civic Plaza with The Monster Show, California’s Great America (Pride Night: Memorial Weekend 2013), Bill Graham’s Civic Auditorium, Folsom Street Fair & Castro Street Fair, and NYE 2015 Grand Opening of SF OASIS . By cultivating the perfect energy with foot-stompin’, head-boppin’, body-rockin’ party beats, his audience can’t help but move their feet …and dance!

We have been waiting for this at The Spirit of the Circuit, and we’d like to give DJ MC2 a warm welcome!

Circuit Reflection 2005


Tina Cousins official website

UK sensation, Tina Cousins is no stranger to the Circuit. She has graced Circuit stages across the world, and is a global pop star in her own right. We have a working history with Tina, and are very proud to say so. In 2005 she masterfully reinterpreted this wonderful cover of English singer, Black’s UK hit “Wonderful Life”. Having landed at number 17 in the singles charts in both Australia and Finland, for Tina Cousins, we revisit this lovely and classic dance track, as one of our Circuit Reflections for 2005.

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Circuit Reflection 2015

Sunscreem “All My Love” From their 2015 smash, ‘SWEET LIFE’!
Purchase Sunscreem- Sweet Life on iTunes.

Sunscreem is still taking note (and kicking ass). Recently discovered hovering in the multiverse, this groove is sure to get you on your feet! Sunscreem is absolutely timeless!

Trever Pearson


Afternoon Delight

Trever Pearson is a San Francisco based DJ with a music history dating back to his first sax at age 10. It was in his discovery of deep house however, where his relationship to music began to shape his relationship with creativity and self expression. With electronic roots at Burning Man and a deep love for the West Coast, Trever weaves together a laid-back blend of deep & tech house beats with indie sounds and deep baselines, sexy grooves and a rhythmic swagger. From the beachside hammock to the dance floor to afterhours, his style and voice sing the tune of an urban coastal landscape rich with highs, lows, depth, and the urge to relax into a perpetual state of inner vacation. Music is a healer… and to be a vessel for this purpose is the goal. To allow the sound of gratitude to dance with the beat of one’s heart is at the core of Trever’s musical aesthetic… and is the message his art most wishes to communicate.

Bret Law

Bret Law 2

The Official REACH 2016 Promo Mix!

If Bret’s podcast doesn’t work, try this iPhone friendly link.

“To get you ready for the major REAL BAD presents REACH Tea Dance happening at SF Oasis on June 25th, I put together a special promo mix full of some of my favorite daytime dance tracks from over the years (plus a few exclusives!) There’s some house, a few classics, some anthems and a couple tunes from some of my favorite SF DJs as well! ENJOY!!” -DJ Bret Law

Based in Seattle but known around the world, DJ/Remixer Bret Law takes his own blend of House, Dance and Circuit and creates a high energy experience on the dance floor like no one else. A 2016 Just Circuit award nominee, he has taken his sound all over the US, as well as playing major international events such as Sydney Mardi Gras in Australia.

Bret has shared the decks with some of the best in the industry including Abel, DrewG, and Joe Gauthreaux, and produced official remixes with his partner Jay Santos for anthems from Toy Armada & DJ Grind, Dragonette & Philip George, Jason Walker and Inaya Day!

The hands-in-the-air vibe is exactly what he shoots for, and it’s impossible not to sing along and feel good whenever Bret Law is playing. Don’t miss your chance to see it for yourself!

Bret Law’s monthly podcast “JAMS!” can be downloaded on iTunes or Podomatic. Official remixes can be found on Beatport and iTunes.

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