Jack Chang


Live in San Francisco – February 2016 by Jack Chang on hearthis.at

Born in London, and now residing in Frankfurt, it goes without saying that Jack Chang is well-traveled. He has performed at countless locations, world-wide, including: Manchester, Berlin, Colgone, Hamburg, Leipzig, Dublin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Antwerp, New York City, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Chicago, Provincetown, Taipei, Singapore, Sydney, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Bangkok, Zurich, Geneva, Madrid, Barcelona, Torremolinos, Canary Islands, Lisbon, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Paris, Toulouse, Strasbourg, Tel-Aviv, Lisbon, Rome, Naples, Vienna, Munich, Hong Kong, Dubai, Hawaii, Atlanta, New York City, Washginton DC, Dallas, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, Montreal, Toronto, Mexico City, Playa del Carmen, Rio de Janeiro, and many other places. 

We are thrilled for Jack Chang to allow us to feature him at The Spirit of the Circuit, and we look forward to continuing to support him and all of our DJs here at The Spirit of the Circuit.

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