J Warren- The Circuit Revolution: Volume 17

2016 has been absolutely insane. For those of us who survived, we must pick up the pieces; move forward, and forge a new path. As the Circuit evolves in the ebb and flow of life, we evolve with it. More on that later! 😉

In the meantime, join us in a celebration of the upcoming new year and a farewell to the old, with the introduction of a new face to The Spirit of the Circuit family, J Warren!

J Warren brings high energy and creativity to both the dance floor and his productions. He has DJed many popular events across the country and abroad, such as SIN in Toronto, Overdrive at San Diego Pride, FuKr DC & NY, Dallas Purple Party, Gay Days in Orlando, Splash/SXSW in Austin, Climax Sundays in Denver and HNO New Orleans.
This rising star is known for bringing his unique circuit big room sound to the main room and for his sexy tribal and tech sounds to the dark rooms or afterhours. Things are heating up for this young talent with some big opportunities in his near future.

J Warren has also had successes with his music production projects. He has had tracks released on various labels including Next Step Records, Pump Records and Citrusonic Stereophonic. Under these labels, he has done official remixes for names such as Luciana, Glovibes and Dirty Pop. J Warren has also released a single “It’s too Late” with Tristan Jaxx featuring the voice talent of Janellie. This single included a package that contained remixes from names such as Oscar Velazquez and Andre Grossi. Looking forward, J Warren has many new remixes, originals and collaborations in the works for late 2016 and 2017. The sky is the limit for this young dj and producer.

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