Brian Norwood returns with Sophisticated Deep #8

“I have always loved music that has intense emotion to it, whether there are any words or not. That’s where my DEEP mix series comes in. This is music that is largely instrumental and at the same time is bursting with beauty and emotion. This is #8 of the DEEP mix series and I will say that far and away it is my favorite of the series so far. There are pieces of music on this set that literally leave me at a loss for words. The energy is intense, sexy, hypnotic and deeply anthemic. Also, if you know me then you’ll know that I consider the mixing aspect of DJing to be incredibly important. My intent when mixing records together is to create multiple layers of energy on top of the record that is playing so that the end result is a spine tingling, emotionally thunderous and religious experience. I am particularly happy with this music set because of how I was able to weave and mix the records together seamlessly. These records were made for each other and I hope you’ll agree with me. Once you let this music take you it will grab you, enrapture you, and it won’t let go. From my heart…to your ears.”
-Brian Norwood

The Return of Mike Duretto


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Michael Duretto is no stranger to the Circuit. He has headlined some of the nation’s most honored events. Some Main Events to his credit are: Motorball (Detroit), Vision @ Avalon (Los Angeles), Steel Party (Pittsburgh), Cherry Jubilee (Washington, D.C.), Halloween Masquerade Ball (New Orleans), L.A. One (Los Angeles), Hearts Ball (Chicago), Rites of Spring (Alabama), Labor Day L.A. (Los Angeles), White Party Sunset T (Palm Springs), Tom of Finlands Butch Ball (New York), Altitude Pike Mountain T-Dance (Whistler), “Voyage 2” Pride (Atlanta), Splash (Austin), Alchemy (New York), Viva Las Vegas (Las Vegas), Hell Ball Morning Party (San Francisco). Add to his resume The Pavilion (Fire Island), Mass (San Francisco), SBNY (New York), Aftershock (San Francisco), Pier Dance (San Diego), Black & White Party (Los Angeles), Sanctuary (San Francisco), Resolution Pride (San Diego), Fresh @Ruby Skye 2nd Anniv. (San Francisco).

After taking an extended hiatus, Mike was reunited with his headset and mixer, in 2015. Over a decade later, he returns, to give us his latest and third installment, of ‘Evolution’. Michael Duretto is a close personal acquaintance of ours at LGP, LLC. His unmistakable talent and warmth make us very happy for his return. Welcome back Mike.