About Us


Welcome to The Spirit of the Circuit!

Launched on March 18, 2016, The Spirit of the Circuit™ website represents a fresh approach to sustaining and preserving the heritage of the gay Circuit. Through partnerships with Sponsors and Promoters, we hope to offer a new perspective, and a new opportunity for Event Producers, Promoters, Artists, and Advertisers, by testing out different ways of getting the web-based community actively involved in the Circuit. The Spirit of the Circuit™ website is unique in that it will be a one-stop shop for Circuit gear, but it will also be a place to engage the gay community worldwide, and provide the latest features in music, retail, events, and news. This is our mission, moving forward.

The Spirit of the Circuit™ website is a creative endeavor, and seeks to promote gay nightlife, music, and Circuit venues, not just locally, but internationally. Our goal is maximum exposure. So, if someone in Spain or Brazil searches the internet for the “Circuit”, they will find us. And as our Sponsor, they ultimately find you!

It is also our aim, at The Spirit of the Circuit, to give back to progressive, charitable causes that we care about, and to support and sponsor other appropriate endeavors in the gay community. We also want to know what you care about, and we are open to exploring and fostering the many different ways to help you with your cause, and to help you reach your goals. To us, that is what The Spirit of the Circuit is all about.

The Spirit of the Circuit™ brand and website is wholly gay-owned by LGP, LLC., and is based in San Francisco, CA.
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